Demartini Method®

One-on-one Consultations

A short while ago, my "young" sister-in-law was diagnosed with cancer. I always saw her as a "strong" and "healthy" woman, therefore, when she recently passed, I was overcome with the "fear of dying by cancer". It had created such a strangle-hold on my thoughts that I was fearful every day of developing and dying of cancer. Everywhere I looked, and to almost everything I was listening (TV or radio commercials talked about "people dying from cancer", clients discussed the illness in themselves or relatives) repeated my fear "death by cancer".

I felt suffocated and fearful.

Therefore, I worked weekly with Sandra over a period of one month. In between our sessions, she would ask me to do "homework", which involved answering a series of questions. She asked the "right" questions to help me "release" the strangling fear. As a result of going through the process, I have been able to turn my focus on the "benefits" of having gone through this family experience. It has physically improved my breathing and my zest for life. In fact, during the process, I was able to "laugh" at some of the insights that were gleaned. Sandra was extremely gentle, calm, yet, vigilant in guiding me throughout this process. And, her "insight" was pinpoint accurate, especially when I was trying to avoid answering/looking at the "truth" of the matter.

By going through this process, I have become much calmer and supportive in the treatment room when working with clients that are experiencing the same issues. I have been able to offer them some of my own personal insights which have helped them develop better coping skills.

The beneficial "ripple" effect created by going through this process has been felt by my clients, family and friends. I would definitely recommend partnering with Sandra to work through some of your perceived "tough" and "insurmountable" issues, so you can return to enjoying the life of your dreams !!!

NS, Registered Massage Therapist

Sandra is a very gifted facilitator and works with you very patiently. She provides a gentle and safe environment and encourages you at very pivotal moments to help you and encourage you to breakthrough to new insights and perceptions because she sees for you who you truly are. Magnificent! I found Sandra to be very present in the process and allowed me to see things I hadn't ever noticed in myself. I notice these insights in my professional life and I feel very passionate about what I do now more than ever before! Thank you Sandra for your guidance.

GG, Chiropractic Health Assistant


When I first started one-on-one coaching with you, using the Demartini Method®, I was in a state of constant worry, felt stressed and was extremely uncomfortable with my mysterious and irritating skin condition, which later on led to cancer. In the hope of finding solutions to my health condition, I had already seen many doctors and tried different medications to which I reacted very badly. I became very frustrated. I found the sessions helped me cope with what life had thrown my way with the diagnosis, surgery and many other issues that arose as we worked together. Within a very short period of time, I felt a big shift in my thinking and outlook on my life, especially as I was discovering the valuable messages behind my health conditions, that my body was trying to communicate to me, as well as some very sad, past events that I had simply buried and yet would haunt me on occasion. At the end of each session I felt calm and peaceful, which was quite a different state from what I felt at the beginning of the sessions where I felt worry and frustration.

I realize now that I'm in a wonderful transition point in my life. I am transitioning from my role as mother and caregiver to one of putting myself first, taking good care of myself, creating new dreams for my life with my husband, and taking steps to live my dreams -- to live an exceptional life on my terms, not someone else's, and I am still discovering what I would love to do with my life. I had not realized that I was stuck in my life and was well past my role as mother and caregiver quite a long time ago, as my children are grown adults and have their own lives. I simply had not shifted into my new 'stage' in life -- taking care of myself first, loving myself, living life for myself, and dreaming new dreams for myself. I had totally 'forgotten' about myself over the years. Everyone else in my life came first.

During the process of our sessions, I noticed a transformation in my beliefs about myself, and I love myself more now. We touched upon some very sensitive areas, and although I found the process challenging at times, it was worth the journey, and I felt my privacy and the sensitive nature of what I shared and what surfaced was well respected and I felt comfortable throughout all our sessions. My husband has noticed changes in me. My family doctor even commented on the difference in my attitude toward my cancer and my skin condition and said that whatever I was doing I should continue doing it, because it was making a big difference. I have just completed my radiation treatments for cancer and they've gone well, and I am very certain that my skin condition will heal as well. I found the results of my sessions uplifting. I experienced big shifts in my thinking, my attitude, and my health. I value the time we spent together. The Demartini Method® definitely works. Sandra, you are a contemporary, spiritual life mentor. Your inspiration, passion and dedication is not only enjoyable, it is extremely rewarding as well. Thanks a million.

MB, Woodbridge, Ontario

My sister and I had a very strained relationship and we had not spoken in over 10 years. In March 2009 I started the collapse process with Sandra. I was able to see things from a different perspective and I came to appreciate what life must have been like for my sister instead of just focusing on my point of view. Sandra was extremely patient and guided me through many sessions. It was difficult work--challenging, painful and very emotional. At times I felt that I would not get to the other side but Sandra supported and encouraged me. I was able to let go of the hurt and pain from the past and I opened my heart to my sister. A year after completing the collapse, my sister and I are communicating. I highly recommend this process and would encourage anyone to work with Sandra.

DW, Richmond Hill, Ontario


I came to the Demartini workshop not knowing what to expect, but the words "Transformation" and "stuck" on the poster really caught my attention. I was intrigued by the scientific nature of the research and was curious how it could apply to creating more depth to a person's joy, love of life.

Some of the exercises at first seemed rather benign and although I picked up some good "tips" on how to perceive events in life, I was a bit skeptical that the exercises could indeed be "transforming".

How surprised was I, then, at the end of the session, to have broken through some perceptions that had been holding me back for years, thanks to the skillful guidance of the facilitator. This method works, and in only a few short hours!

"Transformations" is a very apt title for THIS workshop.

Wendy K., Banff, Alberta

Identity Mapping™ & The Four Ways System™

February 25, 2010

Dear Sandra,

I am writing to thank you for your presentation of “Changing Perceptions, Changing Environments” to myself and my team. Learning about each other’s personality characteristics gave us a deeper understanding and appreciation of our similarities and differences and the strengths each person brings to the team.

My team commented that the interactive team exercises were fun and practical. You were well organized and your presentation style was very clear and to the point. Additionally, the application of Identity Mapping and the Four Ways System encouraged us to reflect on our clients and their situations, which is an essential element in providing care in the most sensitive and effective manner.

Thank you for providing this valuable seminar.


Pearl Gryfe M.Sc., B.Sc.OT Reg. (ON), Clinical & Managing Director Assistive Technology Clinic Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre

Sandra Corrado's coaching was essential in paving the way to build self-awareness and self-esteem and it was pivotal to switch my attention from technical skills to soft skills. It was also important to clarify things I had studied about emotional intelligence and managerial skills that I had never applied. Those clarifications enabled the developing of managerial skills that acted as underpinnings for future career advancements. I can still remember Sandra's kindest and elegant touch in addressing topics that I am usually restrained to talk about, but that I felt it was important to discuss with her. Overall, a feeling of joy prevailed and after 2 hours I felt I could "walk without crutches".. Since then, I have never stopped highlighting to my friends the importance of emotional intelligence and the invaluable value of those 2 hours of coaching in Calgary with Sandra. She gave me the tools to undergo important changes in my professional and personal life, but, more importantly, she unlocked the door of inner change.. the most difficult one. After the training, Sandra kept in contact periodically to ensure I kept on the right track…and I was!

Andrea D.S., Italy

You delivered an excellent, well-paced workshop and one of the other positive factors was the very appropriate group size and range of people you had in the class. This system provides interesting insights into human nature in a very understandable and fun format. It would be of value of human resource professionals as well as anyone interesting in better understanding how, and why, people do and say what they do.

Dr. Thomas P. Keenan, Professor, University of Calgary

To whom it may concern,

I would like to comment on a workshop that I attended in November, 2008 at MacEwan Hall, Calgary University. It was called Identity Mapping & Four Ways System, facilitated by Sandra Corrado, CHRP, Human Performance Specialist.

I found this workshop to be a fun and engaging way to introduce the philosophy of Identity Mapping & Four Ways System. I learned the importance and value of recognizing people’s internal drives and preferred dimensions, so we can fine tune the way we communicate and understand and appreciate others, even when they are different than us. This workshop helped me to see and understand the value of working together and how to achieve more from life, people and work by focusing on strengths rather than challenges.

For that reason the Identity Mapping does not label or categorize people, rather it identifies characteristics that every one of us experiences in different situations. It provides us with an insightful tool to understand someone’s potential reactions. This enables us to fine tune our own interactions to gain the best result for all. I learned a new way to help not only myself, but also individuals, teams and companies because I learned more about myself.

I also found that Sandra presented an interactive and fun workshop that engaged us all. She presented the materials well and was able to remain free of any of personal biases

I would highly recommend this workshop and Sandra Corrado to any business that would like to learn about how to find out about their employee strengths and perhaps who works best with whom.

Yours sincerely

Keri Davis, Executive Assistant and RN


Thank you, Sandra, for a profound healing session. I am grateful for your touch and intuition. Your stillness and presence took me to a very sacred place.

Maria Rosa Corno, Shiatsu Therapist

Sandra has a very sensitive and gentle approach and oozes integrity. I’ve had the opportunity to have worked with Sandra. She provides a safe and secure environment which helped me be able to go through my ‘stuff’ knowing that compassion and understanding would be there for me. Sandra is very passionate about what she does. She has a lot of LOVE to share. Anyone who is fortunate enough to have a Reiki session with her will be able to feel it.

Gemma Girimonte, Level II Reiki Practitioner

The feeling of balance is incredible after a Reiki session with Sandra. There is a peace that remains in my mind, body and spirit that carries me when we are done. Reiki sessions always align me to centre and give me focus…I am grateful that Sandra is around to treat me!

Woodrow Oldford, Entrepreneur

Fitness Programs

The instruction and leadership in the 9:00 a.m. Aqua Fit class was extremely well done! Keep up the good work.

Bob S., Stouffville, Ontario

Our 9:00-10:00 a.m. Aqua Fit class today was terrific. Thank you, Sandra. Very professional. Please come again.

Nancy S., Stouffville, Ontario

I have known Sandra Corrado for a number of years now and just one of the things I can vouch for is that she is reliable. Whether it was last minute subbing, or the weather conditions were difficult, I knew I could count on her. When she said she was going to be there she was. What impressed me was even in a last minute call she was there early to set up, and she was totally prepared. She truly knows her stuff. I am taken aback on how many different types of classes she is qualified and experienced to teach, from yoga and pilates to muscle conditioning and spinning, and much more.

It has been a few months now since she subbed for me and members are still talking about her classes, how they loved them and asking when she will be back. I was actually fortunate enough to experience one or two of her classes myself. I found that they flowed very nicely and she was clear and informative with her instructions, safe, and professional. Above all, she made the class enjoyable and she was extremely personable. What else could one ask for in a class?

I would recommend her to any fitness facility or any company for that matter, but I won't... I would like to make her available to us!!!

I would be honoured to give you a verbal recommendation at any time. Feel free to call me at 416-880-2420.


Mrs. Helena Di Cintio, Can-Fit-Pro Certified Fitness Instructor
In the Fitness Industry for over 35 years, Holding certifications in Step, Spinning & Muscle Conditioning


Love to Zumba! Have never laughed for an hour while working out. One of the best classes I’ve ever taken and will continue to take. Wish it was 3 times a week.

Sue B

Zumba: what a fun work out!!!! Never thought I could sweat so much dancing and just having fun!!!! Sandra keeps it fresh and lively and her energy is great!!!

Leslie R.

Never thought I could get a great workout in chilly winter in Banff, but I did! I came across this...Zumba class (YWCA)...The steps are so easy to follow with a combination of fun steps of Cha Cha, Salsa, Merengue, Belly Dance, etc. That was my first Zumba lesson!!

Siaw Chua, Malaysia